Building a world of conscious leaders


Conscious Leadership is about building the emotional intelligence and resilience needed to run high performing and healthy organisations.

Today’s employees want leaders who understand them and who respect and support them as individuals. They also want to work and grow in organisations who contribute to wider society.

A leadership approach for a new world of work

At Conscious Works we support leaders to achieve high performance whilst supporting their own and others wellbeing. Our Conscious Leadership model is evidence based and is underpinned by neuroscience and human psychology.

Conscious Leadership is a mindset that has wellbeing at its heart. Conscious Leadership is concerned with two things:

  • Gaining a greater understanding of ourselves and what brings out our best as a leader
  • Gaining a greater understanding of others, and what they need to be at their best

Through building teams and cultures based on purpose, human connection, resilience and constant learning, employees can bring their best selves to work and deliver outstanding performance.


Conscious Leadership

We run workshops to develop skills, knowledge and behaviour around the most important aspects of leadership. New generation employees want real, authentic and open leaders, who they can connect with.  Our Conscious Leadership model helps leaders to focus on the behaviours and actions that bring out the best in people, and themselves as leaders.


Dealing with ambiguity, change and pressure are commonplace and resilience is the difference between being able to just cope and being able maintain performance, regardless of what is happening around us. Conscious leaders build their own and their team’s resilience to thrive despite the conditions.


People need to feel safe, supported and connected to thrive at work. Leaders who understand this work in partnership with the team to find the answers, giving ownership and removing  bureaucracy, hierarchy and blockers to the team working effectively.


Individuals and teams who know why they are doing what they do are more inspired to deliver. With purpose comes meaning and the energy to overcome obstacles. It also unites teams.


Leaders with a growth mindset are the most effective when it comes to developing others. They know how to coach, they build effective partnerships with the team, and they are always looking for opportunities to grow and learn.


Leaders who are aware of their emotions and the needs of the people around them, have better conversations, are better connected, and notice when people need help. They also recognise the impact of behaviour on the way the team feels, and behave in a way that inspires and engages those around them.


Much of the leadership development that we see in the workplace can be functionally very good, but when leadership development is excellent, is gives you a much deeper understanding of who you are and how your 'programming' influence the way that you lead. We work with you to tailor talks, workshops and programmes to meet your needs.

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