What We Do

Thought Sparks

Are you looking for a keynote speaker? Do you need a speaker for a leadership or wellbeing event?

We have something different to say about the future or work and how to create healthy organisations.

How many of us really know what brings out our best? What leads to us feeling mentally well? What leads to people feeling great at work? 

We believe we have the answers and a wealth of experience to back up our views.

Leaders are responsible for motivating others and for keeping them focused and energised. The irony is that as individuals, leaders often struggle to keep themselves focused and to take care of their own wellbeing needs.

At our Thought Sparks, we help you to understand more about what people need in the workplace and how to consciously shape a team and culture that enables itself to perform. 

We lift the lid on some of the misconceptions around effective leadership and what people need to do their best work.

Our aim is to ‘inspire a well world of work’ and we do this by starting new conversations and changing minds. 

With so many organisations trying to figure out what wellbeing is really all about, we answer a lot of the questions you have about how to build mental fitness across your workforce.