We Bring Out The Best In People

What We Do


Two things are true…

  • People want to make a valued contribution at work
  • Leaders want to get the best from the people that work for them

This is where we come in.

We set up Conscious Works to help to create working environments that would meet everyone’s needs – those of the leaders and the people working for them.

We’re called Conscious Works because we know that to perform at our best, we need to be awake. That means being aware of ourselves and the people around us.

That’s because organisational success depends on our effectiveness – as individuals and in teams.

It means being consciously intelligent. Aware of ourselves and others, so that we can make decisions that bring out the best in both. It’s these human skills that lead to the highest levels of performance and wellbeing and is what will enable us to thrive with the onset of the fourth industrial revolution.

All of our coaching and learning activities are based on evidence, neuroscience and psychology.