A recognised expert in workplace wellbeing

Natasha has become a well-known speaker on Conscious Leadership and the creation of healthy workplaces. This is a sample of recent talks Natasha has given. Each talk is customised to the audience, event themes and location.


Conscious Leadership and the new era of work

Natasha is a globally recognised speaker on the topics of organisational wellbeing and Conscious Leadership. In this talk she outlines how work has evolved, and the impact this has had on our mental health.

You will learn more about what a healthy workplace looks like and how to support your teams through the five pillars of wellbeing. How becoming more conscious can significantly improve wellbeing, and what leads to the most inclusive and productive working environments.

Natasha also touches on the importance of creating a psychologically safe environment and how that leads to higher levels of performance and wellbeing.

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Creating a more human workplace

This talk teaches audiences about what employees want to experience at work. How leadership can often fail to meet our intrinsic human needs, and the impact this has on wellbeing.

Natasha covers the significance of conscious leadership in creating working environments that support people to do great work and how feeling safe, included and recognised is essential for our wellbeing and performance.

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Kindness, compassion and building your resilience

We are often our own worst enemies. This can stop us from reaching our full potential and achieving what we are capable of. It can also impact the extent to which we take care of our wellbeing.

In this talk Natasha explains how our internal conditions are just as important as the conditions around us for the way we feel and perform at work, and how self compassion and self care are vital for personal growth.

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"We have really strengthened our team with Natasha’s support. Natasha gets people, what drives them, and what they need to do good work. She creates the space and sparks the conversations that remove the barriers getting in the way of being better. Natasha's connection with people and her ability to build great relationships means that the team feels supported and encouraged to be at their best. Natasha’s talks attract large audiences and get great feedback. We can grow our business knowing that the team is getting the support they need to thrive given Natasha’s help."

Stuart Hearn CEO, Clear Review

"Natasha has the ability to start powerful new conversations and opened our eyes to how we could create a more open and inclusive culture where people can speak up and stay connected. We asked Natasha to help us to build coaching capability in the team, but we got so much more. Natasha understands people and their behaviour which means that she can see the things that you won't always see yourself.'

Emil Grigov Partner, Albion Capital

"Natasha came to AspenTech to lead the Women’s Leadership Forum’s workshop on Bridging Cultural Differences. She brilliantly ran the session highlighting how to avoid stereotypes and how important it is to bridge both linguistic barriers and cultural gaps in the workplace. I am very lucky to have met Natasha. Why? She is very talented, establishes quick connection with her audience and is able to transform complex concepts into easy messages for everyone to understand. We all left that workshop with a light heart."

Dr. Adriana Gulino Senior Inside Sales Account Manager, Aspen Technology Inc.

"Natasha is engaging, funny, clear and personable and is an expert in developing leadership skills and improving organisational wellbeing. I asked Natasha to speak at our key client conference on unconscious bias and diversity and we had fantastic feedback from the event with Natasha’s session highlighted as one of the best sessions of the day. I have also attended one of Natasha’s more intimate workshops where she was a facilitator and she was able to engender trust within the group to be open and honest so that they could reflect on where they needed to develop."

Louise Lawrence Partner, Winkworth Sherwood

"Natasha shared her own personal story in an incredibly engaging, honest and down to earth style, and then chaired a lively debate on "Balance vs Burnout - finding the harmony between work and personal life". There was a great turnout for the event and we received only positive feedback and I wouldn't hesitate to work with Natasha again."

Steven Emms Organisational Programme Director, Taboola

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