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We are a coaching and development practice, specialising in conscious leadership.

We work with leaders and teams to build inclusive and resilient team cultures that allow people to be at their best and deal with the pressures and complexity of the modern world.


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The world of work is waking up to the positive performance benefits of wellbeing. We believe Conscious Leadership is absolutely at the heart of that wellbeing, as well as team performance.

Wherever you are on your conscious journey, we can help. By speaking at an event or facilitating a team workshop, we help you to understand what leads to consciousness and how self-awareness and self-care creates the foundations for healthy, happy and high performing working environments.

We're not interested in achieving performance at any cost. We believe in a more conscious approach, where employer and employee needs are held in balance and where sustained performance is achieved.



The working world has changed dramatically. With dispersed teams and hybrid working, there has never been a more important and necessary time for leaders to trust and craft the way people work around who they are and what makes them tick.

A lot of businesses are waking up to the importance of conscious leadership and team wellbeing and need help turning intent into action.

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Whether you're leading yourself or others, being conscious and connecting with your team on a human level is vital to success. We’ve seen first-hand, through our research, that the most effective leaders unlock energy and sustained performance in their teams by being more conscious.

We teach you about the leadership approach that leads to inclusive and resilient teams, enabling you to achieve sustained performance.

Conscious Coaching

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  • One-to-one and facilitated team coaching

  • Developing leaders to achieve more through greater levels of awareness and creating more cohesive and effective teams

Development programmes

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  • The Conscious Leader Programme

    When leaders are resilient, present and self aware, they lead themselves and others to success. It requires clarity, curiosity and compassion. It also requires trusting relationships. Our leadership development approach is progressive, responding to the reality of the modern workplace. We work with leaders to help them to understand themselves and others better, in order to run responsible, connected and healthy workplaces.

  • Custom programmes

    All of our work enables leaders and teams to achieve performance through wellbeing. Supporting the wellbeing of individuals and teams means creating flexible, empowering and inclusive environments where people are enabled and developed. We create bespoke programmes and facilitated workshops that allow you to build healthy places to work. If you have a specific need that you would like to explore, please get in touch.


Natasha is a globally recognised speaker on the topics of organisational wellbeing and Conscious Leadership. View samples of recent talks Natasha has given here, each talk is customised to the audience, event themes and location.

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