Mental Health Spot Check

You can use the Mental Health Spot Check as often as you would like to. It is useful to capture your progress. Often we forget that we have recently felt good and what led to that and it is useful to reflect on what leads us to feeling good.

We all feel low or anxious from time to time.

If you notice that you have been feeling low or anxious for a longer period of time, consider what you need to change to feel better. Speaking to someone you trust can also make a big difference.

Consider, how happy are you?

1 indicates an extremely low score
e.g. you are not feeling at all calm, clear and happy at the moment.

10 indicates an extremely high score
e.g. you are feeling as calm, clear, and happy as you could be feeling.

How do you feel about your score?
/ 10
What is leading you to feel so well at the moment?
What do you want to maintain in order to keep your mental health levels high?
What is leading you to feel the way you are feeling at the moment?
What would help you to raise your score by one?

e.g. raise from 5 to 6

What one or two things are you going to do differently in order to improve the way you feel?
You Scored

You're likely to be feeling below par at the moment and need to do something to get yourself back on track. Don't worry as there is plenty you can do to boost yourself. Here are some suggestions:

  • Try write down how you are feeling and why. Reflect on what would make you feel better and what practical action you can take right now.
  • Speak to someone. Ideally someone you trust or a professional. Often sharing the burden can make a big difference.
  • Take a break. Sometimes we feel the way we do because we're run down or overwhelmed. Give yourself some time for rest and reflection.

There are many ways in which we can boost the way we are feeling. You are probably not feeling at your best at the moment. Remember the situation tends to be fluid and from day to day and moment to moment we can feel differently. Here are some suggestions for how you can improve the way you feel:

  • Spend a week tracking your mood. Using the 1-10 scale, consider every morning or evening how you're feeling to see if your score fluctuates and reflect on what is making the difference.
  • Get out in nature a little more. Often, just by spending a bit more time with fresh air and space to think, we can boost our mood.
  • Write down what is contributing to the way you are feeling at the moment. Consider if there are any actions you can take to feel better. Often the act of just writing can make you feel better.

You are feeling pretty good at the moment and it would be good to maintain your mood and energy levels. So consider:

  • What is leading to you feeling so good right now?
  • How can you maintain what you are doing / what is happening in your life at the moment, to maintain your score?
  • Consider what could help to make you feel even better (unless you've already hit the 10 jackpot).

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