Project Bright Spot

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The journey to Conscious Leadership must start now

The world is changing and the leadership that people require is too. Project Bright Spot shines a light on awe inspiring examples of conscious and human leadership and the truly life altering impacts witnessed when leaders connect with their people on a human level.

The key things we learned from the research are as follows: 

- 81% of the leaders spoken about in our research unlock new energy and inspire followship in their teams by utilising a combination of 6-7 attributes that make their relationships personal, and supportive.

- We found that 78% of great leaders create the right conditions for empowerment by building trust, being curious and consistently inviting opinions from across their team.

- We found that 89% of great leaders are comfortable stretching people beyond where they may have chosen to go themselves, by supporting them along the way

This research not only shows why it’s absolutely necessary to move in this direction but also provides guidance on how to do so.

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