Wellbeing will make or break business in the fourth industrial revolution

If you’re a leader, and if you’re not role modelling healthy behaviours, you’re not only affecting your own mental health, but the mental health of your team too, says Natasha Wallace

Leader: how did you affect the mental health of your people today?

If you’re a leader like I was for many years, you’ll be knowingly or unknowingly – depending on how self-aware you are – impacting the mental health of your people, either positively or negatively, every single day you go to work.

How To Ditch Perfection And Stop Trying To Be A Superhero

We put ourselves under tremendous pressure to be perfect. We want to be high-performing, infallible, strong.  Whichever adjective you want to use, our expectations of ourselves can be incredibly high. On top of this, we worry about how others see us, pretty much all of the time.

Mental health crisis: time for real change

News headlines about the mental health crisis among employees at Hinkley Point nuclear power station have brought the issue into sharp focus and further highlighted that big changes are needed in how companies approach this issue.

Inclusion: how leaders affect the mental health of their people

An inclusive leader can bolster the mental health of their workforce but, for many of us, unconscious bias could be holding us back.