Author Natasha Wallace: “We need to reconnect with who we are as people, to become conscious of what is going on in and around us”

…you won’t get to where you want to be by working your way through the problem. We need to reconnect with who we are as people, to become conscious of what is going on in and around us, in order to make better choices about where we want to be and how we want to […]

Why introverts are ignored and often overlooked

While researchers, notably Myers-Briggs, indicate that around half the global population are introverted, a new study suggests introverts in the workplace may become victims of unconscious bias. The Silent Worker report, by experience management software provider Qualtrics, reveals that just under two thirds of the 1,000 UK workers it questioned, who identified as introverts, believed […]

6 Steps For Bringing Wellbeing To Your Organization (And Why You Should)

In an ideal world, all organizations would understand the importance of investing in wellbeing as the right thing to do from a moral perspective. They wouldn’t need a business case to justify investment. But wellbeing, done right, can have a tangible business impact. When Accenture made an investment in a wellbeing program, it led to […]

How to make your employees feel visible

When we ask this question through the veil of the corporate world, where profits, shareholders and efficiency can often feel like the only things that matter, you need to intellectually figure out why employees need visibility. Step out of the confines of modern business constructs and the question seems to have an obvious answer – […]

How to Be a Great Coach: 3 Keys for Leaders

What does coaching have to do with leadership? Everything. Years ago, as a new leader (a.k.a. manager), I was responsible for a team of people and a pile of targets. There was so much I didn’t know about effective leadership.

Leading A Startup: 3 Keys For New Leaders

The world of work is changing more rapidly than ever. As a leader, it’s important to recognize what that means for the way in which you and others work. Your organization and your workforce depend on your ability to stay healthy, maintain a high level of performance, and continue your own growth.

Make Your Company Well

What is wellbeing in an organization? It’s the same as wellbeing for any of us — only on a far larger scale. When we’re feeling well — and that goes for mentally or physically — we’re more motivated, engaged and positively focused. When feeling unwell we tend to be more negative, have lower energy, and […]

Radio Show #331: Conscious Leadership and How to Create Healthy Organisations

Natasha Wallace will be speaking to us about Conscious Leadership and how a more conscious approach to work will help us all to focus on the work that matters most, while taking care of our fundamental human needs – the needs that keep us energised and thriving regardless of what life throws at us.

Why conflict is ruining your workplace – and how to fix it

On paper, they don’t seem like much. A colleague is excluded from work conversations and not invited to a meeting when a new project is introduced. Another is cut off in the middle of answering a question or pulled up for an easily remedied mistake. Or perhaps the boss overrides reasonable decisions or embarrasses someone […]

Getting conscious – what does it mean?

With a sustained focus on ‘delivery’ becoming how we measure success in the workplace, and therefore our own value – how do we expect to keep ourselves well and thriving in the modern world of work unless we redefine what good looks like? And as long as we’re only ever delivering, how do we satisfy our human need to matter?

How To Manage Star Performers: What Leaders Can Learn From The Royal Resignation Crisis

People all over the world are undoubtedly fascinated by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a pair of attractive, personable young royals who have brought an element of star quality to what many regard as an outdated institution.

Bill Gates: “Tomorrow’s Leaders Will be Those That Empower Others”

We’re operating in a working world in which we’re overloaded, overextended, and overstressed. As we try to handle customer demands, workload, and the daily pressures of our jobs, we’re struggling to stay focused on what matters most.