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We’re facing an unprecedented time of change and uncertainty and staying in balance is tough. And if you’re a leader, how are you supposed to keep your team performing well when you’re struggling to stay on top of things yourself? This age of chaos and information overload is leading to many of us walking around on automatic pilot at best and suffering with mental health issues at worst. We don’t know how to take care of ourselves in this new environment, and it’s not just affecting the performance of our teams and organizations – it’s affecting your performance too. We need a new leadership approach for the modern world of work and it’s more human. We need to understand how to take better care of ourselves and the people we lead. To do that, we need to become more conscious, of ourselves and of others. The Conscious Effect will show you how to do ‘human’ better so that you and your organization can survive and thrive in modern world.


The Conscious Effect is, ultimately, a book about achieving balance so we can realize our best selves both professionally and personally. Wallace’s book acknowledges without fail the inherent difficulties of being human and how elusive balance can be in our day to day lives, but she also emphasizes that it is a goal well within our reach if we consistently practice certain principles and realize that we are, in essence, in this together.

Michael Rand

The book actually concentrates on the modern times and ways to adjust to what is already known about in keeping up on everything from social graces to appearance and demeanor. It gets down to everything from the basics to the intense with Wallace leaving no stones un-turned

Larry Toering

The graphics and lists mentioned earlier add much to the book, but the focal point throughout remains her prose. Wallace’s book makes convincing arguments without ever adopting a strident tone and her credibility throughout the course of work is beyond question.

Jason Hillenburg

It deals in the reality of these issues rather than fanciful situations lacking any real bearing on the day-to-day lives of its target audience. Wallace understands we have busy lives, as does she, and never wastes the reader’s time with self-indulgent digressions.

Kim Muncie

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