Our Story


What we believe

The sole purpose of our work is to help to build healthy organisations in which people can be happy and deliver good results. We believe both are possible, but we know from experience that it’s not always easy to achieve.

We know that by creating an environment in which people can support each other and where they can be themselves, it catalyses performance.

Our Beliefs

At the heart of everything


Our Purpose

To inspire a well world of work


Our Values

Authenticity, trust and freedom


Our Mission

Transforming work and lives through conscious leadership


What we do

Everything we do is based around the five principles of Conscious Leadership.

Being awake

Growing and developing others

Building resilience and mental health

Purpose and staying focused

Togetherness, trust and inclusion

Through speaking, coaching, workshops and masterclasses, we enable leaders and ambitious individuals to become more conscious and improve their performance, wellbeing and personal effectiveness.


Why we do it


There is so much information out there about how to achieve great performance in teams but very little focuses on how to achieve that performance without compromising our wellbeing and personal growth.

We’ve moved into a new era of work where resilience is a prerequisite. Unless we run our organisations in a conscious way, enabling people to take care of themselves and their growth, we jeopardise performance and wellbeing.

We don’t think you need to make that sacrifice.


Our work leads to positive change in individuals and teams

The work we do with leaders and aspiring leaders causes ripple effect around the organisation. When leaders demonstrate healthy thinking and behaviour, through becoming more aware, it enables everyone around them.

It also builds trust, a fundamental component of high performance and wellbeing in teams.


Make it easy for your employees to talk about their mental health and well-being at work.

Our work embeds wellbeing into the DNA of organisational culture. We focus on enabling the thinking and behaviour that leads to positive outcomes for all. 

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