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Natasha's journey

“Natasha is an exceptional coach who helps spark the conversations that remove the barriers getting in the way of us being better leaders”

Stuart Hearn, CEO Clear Review

Our Founder and Chief Consciousness Officer Natasha Wallace is on a mission. Frustrated by broken leadership models and a skewed corporate view of performance management, she created Conscious Works: a coaching and development practice specialising in conscious leadership.

Natasha’s journey began as an HR professional and People Director. Often supporting leaders who were struggling with conflicting priorities, low energy, failing corporate culture and their own mental health challenges.

Natasha put so much energy into providing that support that she managed to burn out. The burnout was significant and real. It had happened for a few reasons. Simply working too hard was a factor and she wasn’t living life in a conscious and purposeful enough way.

It was time to step away, reflect and become more conscious. And with the headspace and time for reflection came an epiphany. Natasha realised that being conscious of ourselves and others is actually vital for leaders to lead well and sustain performance. Yet it is often hard to achieve amongst the distractions of modern working life.

Conscious Works was born out of a vision to enable leaders to stay awake and better support themselves and others at work. Conscious Leadership is about ‘use of self’, developing and supporting yourself to be the best version of yourself, enhancing your own wellbeing and that of the people around you.

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