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Whether you're leading yourself or others to success, organisations call on us to help them.

We teach you about the leadership approach that leads to inclusive, resilient and strong teams enabling you to achieve sustained performance.



Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

"Our managers need the skills to drive sustained performance"

"We want to build resilient teams"

"Our leaders need support with navigating the current climate"

"I want to be a better leader and need to know where to focus"

"We want to support wellbeing, but we don’t know how to"



Masterclasses and workshops

Built around what leads to healthy and high performing teams, we develop people as Conscious Leaders, putting them in the best position to support themselves and each other to thrive in the modern world of work.

Everything we do is based around the five principles of Conscious Leadership.

Whether you are a leader or a team who wants to sustain their performance, Conscious Leadership allows you to focus on what matters most. 


By getting to know yourself, you bring out the best in yourself and others

Here you will learn more about who are you and what drives you, your programming, and the art of enabling you and your team to be more effective. 

We will discuss why consciousness and curiosity are so important for wellbeing and performance and how listening, being present and ‘not knowing’ are essential skills in supporting yourself and each other to thrive. 

We will look the part that emotions play in the workplace and the impact that a speak up culture has on the way you and others feel at work.

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We equip you with the mindset to enable growth

In this session we will look at why coaching is necessary for teams to grow and how to have great conversations that lead to improved results and wellbeing.

How having a growth mindset catalyses people’s performance, and the importance of getting comfortable with failure, forgiveness and the concept of ‘not yet there’ in motivating performance.

We will also learn about how strengths positively impact performance and how to leverage your strengths to positively support wellbeing.

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We help you to understand the behaviour and mindset that enable sustained results

You will learn about how applying your own oxygen mask sets your team up for success. The impact of your own behaviour on your team’s performance and wellbeing and how to take better care of mental health when working under pressure.

We will uncover why are heroes and imposters are everywhere in our organisations and the frameworks that drive people’s mindset - learning how to nurture the right ones. 

We will also understand the significance of gratitude and compassion in running strong and mentally fit teams.

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We enable you to bring purpose to your life and the life of others

Why do you do what you do? We will consider what motivates you and why we come inbuilt with a need for meaning.

We will learn about what really motivates us to work hard and stay committed and how purpose can build commitment and wellbeing into our teams. 

As a leader you need to provide clear direction and then you need to be able to step aside. Understand how to enable the team to focus on what matters most, empowering them to deliver great results and to stay motivated.

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Learn what’s getting in the way of you being a better leader

We believe that Conscious Leaders can positively improve the world of work. Through helping you to become more conscious of yourself and what leads to people thriving, we equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to excel.

Connecting leaders with themselves and their people.

We help to awaken the awesome potential in organisations through an emotionally intelligent, people-first approach, which places employee and leadership wellbeing at its heart.

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