Why introverts are ignored and often overlooked

While researchers, notably Myers-Briggs, indicate that around half the global population are introverted, a new study suggests introverts in the workplace may become victims of unconscious bias.

The Silent Worker report, by experience management software provider Qualtrics, reveals that just under two thirds of the 1,000 UK workers it questioned, who identified as introverts, believed they were not given the chance to be heard. Just over half also felt their opinions were neither valued nor listened to.

Joanna Rawbone, founder of consultancy Flourishing Introverts, is not surprised by such findings, describing this area of neurodiversity as “one of the most overlooked in diversity and inclusion terms”.

“Some employers are becoming more aware of the situation, which is important because it’s potentially having an impact on huge numbers of staff,” she says. “But while they may know the difference between an extrovert and an introvert personality, it’s not generally on the agenda to do anything about.”

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