Wellbeing will make or break business in the fourth industrial revolution

If you’re a leader, and if you’re not role modelling healthy behaviours, you’re not only affecting your own mental health, but the mental health of your team too, says Natasha Wallace

Interest in mental health has blown up and it’s the latest craze in HR and leadership circles.

All of a sudden people seem to be more concerned with the state of our mental health – even celebrities and Royalty are banging the drum. The jury is out on whether we’ve had a surge in mental ill health or whether, through lifting the stigma, more people are talking about it but it’s fair to say that we’re in the midst of a mental health crisis.

Why is stress costing UK businesses an estimated £7-9bn per year? And that’s supposed to be a conservative estimate. Not just that; burn out rates are increasing and organisations are struggling to improve productivity and performance, with sick leave and presenteeism (when you’re in work but not working effectively) causing serious problems in business.

The reason: our mental health is struggling to cope in the current climate.

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