We need to reconnect with who we are as people

…you won’t get to where you want to be by working your way through the problem. We need to reconnect with who we are as people, to become conscious of what is going on in and around us, in order to make better choices about where we want to be and how we want to work.

We can’t keep on peddling at one hundred miles an hour and expect our bodies, let alone our minds to keep up. If you think you’re doing a remarkable job, or even a very good one, I would challenge you about the cost of doing such a great job. What are you neglecting? Your own needs — are you really happy? The needs of your family — are you really connected to them? Your team — are you really providing them with what they need? It takes a big person to ask this question and be prepared to listen to the answers that you find. Most of us are repressing our true selves in the service of the system. Most of us aren’t brave enough to stop and spend some time in solitude, to really considering if we are where we want to be.

Only through becoming more conscious can you honestly answer those questions and only through becoming conscious will you grow — whichever direction that growth may take you in. The fact is, most of us don’t really know ourselves yet getting to know yourself is one of the most liberating and transformative things that you will ever do.

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