Tomorrow’s Leaders Will be Those That Empower Others

We’re operating in a working world in which we’re overloaded, overextended, and overstressed. As we try to handle customer demands, workload, and the daily pressures of our jobs, we’re struggling to stay focused on what matters most.

The challenge of having to be ‘always on’ forces us to spend much of our time working on automatic pilot, as it’s the only way our brains can cope with the pressure. Recent research by Microsoft on British employees found that 86 percent had experienced anxiety due to work pressure in the last year. And 30 percent regularly sacrificed their personal life for work. 

Having a workforce on automatic pilot is no good for business. It means we’re not paying enough attention, but that’s no surprise: there’s too much to pay attention to. As our stress levels rise, pressure builds, and we have less time to pay attention to what matters to us as people, our productivity and creativity plummets. We turn up to work when we feel bad, we make choices born out of frustration, and we can’t make good quality decisions.

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