Putting self-care & self-knowledge at the heart of leadership

In a constant bid to deliver high performance and to keep up with the demands of the world around us, we are losing sight of our own development and wellbeing needs and those of our team. The relentless drive for results is compromising our health and performance. Natasha Wallace, Founder and Chief Coach, Conscious Works shares how leaders can become more conscious and emotionally aware of themselves, their people and their organization’s emotional state to impact business for the better.

We’re moving into an era of leadership consciousness, where learning about who we are and how to stay at our best are going to be the differentiators – this deep personal understanding of how to be the best ‘human’ will be what catalyzes business. “If you’re a leader, how are you supposed to keep your team performing well and engaged when you don’t know how to stay at your best and you’re struggling to stay on top of things yourself? This age of chaos and information overload is leading to many of us walking around on automatic pilot at best and suffering from mental health issues at worst”, says Natasha Wallace, Founder and Chief Coach, Conscious Works. “We need to understand how to take better care of ourselves and others if we’re to lead successful businesses. To do that, we need to become more conscious and learn more about what brings out the best in us. It’s about doing ‘human’ better. And it’s the only way we’re going to thrive in this new era of digital overload, uncertainty, and opportunity”.

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