Make your company well - 4 steps to workplace wellbeing

What is wellbeing in an organization? It’s the same as wellbeing for any of us — only on a far larger scale. When we’re feeling well — and that goes for mentally or physically — we’re more motivated, engaged and positively focused. When feeling unwell we tend to be more negative, have lower energy, and be less productive and engaged. For businesses, there’s a bottom line at stake, and wellbeing plays a proven role: Accenture’s investment in wellbeing led to 8% increase in employee engagement; 9,000 hours’ reduction of absenteeism; and an increase in productivity of 3%. The Human Capital Management Institute found that companies who invest just one US dollar per person on wellbeing can outperform their peers and experience by a productivity gain of 11.7%.

Wellbeing is well worth it. Here are the four key starting points to planning a wellbeing culture that works for your organization:

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