How to make your employees feel visible

How important is employee visibility?

When we ask this question through the veil of the corporate world, where profits, shareholders and efficiency can often feel like the only things that matter, you need to intellectually figure out why employees need visibility. Step out of the confines of modern business constructs and the question seems to have an obvious answer – employees need visibility because they matter and without them, nothing would happen.

Take a car. It looks beautiful on the outside. Fantastic colour, shape and alloys but there’s nothing in the engine. Would anyone ask whether the engine needed attention? Whether it mattered? Whether it needed to be taken care of. I doubt it.

The commercial world has put a premium on what you can do to make money, to drive efficiency, and to deliver greater shareholder value. What happens to employees when those are the drivers for success? They get forgotten. They get taken for granted. They are expected to deliver regardless.

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