Getting conscious – what does it mean?

ith a sustained focus on ‘delivery’ becoming how we measure success in the workplace, and therefore our own value – how do we expect to keep ourselves well and thriving in the modern world of work unless we redefine what good looks like? And as long as we’re only ever delivering, how do we satisfy our human need to matter?

Conscious leadership is a movement towards getting to know who we really are and what we truly need, in order to thrive in the working environment that we now find ourselves in.

Look after the machine

You buy a car, you look after it – you don’t just stick fuel in it and keep on driving and driving until you drive it into the ground. You make sure it’s regularly serviced, the tyres are okay, and the engine oil is topped up, and you pay attention to any odd sounds coming from the engine. Why? Because you’re acutely conscious it won’t perform well if you don’t.

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