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Culture: Is the Old Workplace Model Broken?

HOW THE ENVIRONMENT IS CHANGING Like it or not, the world of work is changing. It’s widely accepted that everyone has the right to be happy and fulfilled at work. Workers require more than just a paycheque! Investors and leadership teams are waking up to the damage that can be caused by toxic cultures (e.g. […]

How did you affect the mental health of your people today?

If you’re a leader, like I was for many years, you’ll be knowingly or unknowingly – depending on how self-aware you are – impacting the mental health of your people, either positively or negatively, every single day you go to work.  Whether it’s the decisions you make, the words you say and how you say […]

This is as good as it gets…so we better look after our mental health

With the flood of articles, blogs and vlogs dedicated to mental health awareness this week, you wonder what else you can say that would make any difference. Yet on asking myself that question, I wonder whether ‘different’ is necessary at this point. The fact of the matter is that the mental health of our nation […]

One Team Gov Wellbeing Camp

Diversity and inclusion is at the heart of our overall aim to improve the way we work, because everyone deserves to work in a more inclusive environment. We want people to be able to be themselves. We want to increase awareness and understanding about inclusion, mindfulness, neurodiversity and mental health, and we want to help […]

The London Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass

The Emotional Culture Deck is an insanely simple card based tool for structured, face-to-face conversations about workplace culture. In the Emotional Culture Deck Masterclass you’ll acquire the knowledge, language, tools, and processes needed to lead powerful one-on-one and group conversations about culture. Explore why emotion matters to successful, high-performing workplace and team cultures Explore the […]