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Meet The Team

Ben Haslett

Ben is an organisational change specialist with nearly 20 years’ experience of leading global initiatives and implementations. Having performed several global roles while working and living in Europe, the Americas and Asia, he is adept at developing high performing teams comprising diverse capabilities and cultures. He has a particular interest in applying coaching skills within groups to encourage highly participative and collaborative ways of unlocking organisational ‘stuckness’.

Ben studied an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology to satiate his deeply curiosity about the human response to change, and now dedicates himself to enabling people to lead a more meaningful and purposeful existence, by drawing on evidence-based practices to promote effective leadership and self-development. 

Ben’s work centers on the practical application of positive psychology in the workplace, which is supported by his extensive research into the relationship between autonomy at work and employee wellbeing. His goal is support for organisations to augment wellbeing into the way of working, fuelled by his passion for promoting a brighter future for workplace culture.

Steve Hargreaves

Steve brings with him extensive experience as a senior leader and coach, having worked across a range of sectors, leading and modernising large scale, multi-site operations across regulated care, commercial and charitable services. Steve has a strong operational focus with experience in leading large, geographically dispersed teams.

With a background in organisational development, Steve continues to develop and deliver management & leadership development programmes, focused on creating behavioural change. He is passionate about the creation of coaching cultures and has developed supporting frameworks and programmes to do so. He is a pioneer in the ‘freedom to speak up’ movement, working to build psychologically safe team cultures, where employee wellbeing and improving emotional culture has been a major focus. His coaching work helps leaders and teams to respond to change more effectively through enhanced capability, connectivity and resilience. 

As well as working to support the change work we do at Conscious Works, Steve is the National Head of Organisational Learning and Development for St John Ambulance. He has been with the organisation for several years and is currently leading on pivotal change projects, including the creation and embedding of organisational values, and building a learning culture.

Tab Parry

Tab is the brains behind our look and feel and provides a regular fuel injection of creative talent to our work.

Alex Jeffers

Everyone needs a technical guru and Alex keeps us on the straight and narrow when it comes to all things web.


Ally is an Agile Coach and Wellbeing advocate. After battling with her own mental health for several years she is now passionate about creating environments which embrace individuals and proactively provide what they need to thrive. As part of BT Consumer’s Digital Wellbeing Guild she is a force for positive change and is focussed on proving that corporate life and individual wellness can coexist.

Ally champions a personal approach to change; implementing initiatives and continuously developing them based on direct feedback from colleagues. She is determined to avoid the ‘box tick’ effect of corporate wellbeing strategies and firmly believes that if people are well, innovation, quality and results will follow.