Inspiring A Well World of Work

Meet The Founder

Natasha Wallace – Chief Coach and Founder

As a former HR Director, I left my job having reached burn out. It led me to recognise that there are two fundamental things missing from modern leadership – self care and self knowledge. In a constant bid to deliver high performance and to keep up with the demands of the world around us, we are losing sight of our own development and wellbeing needs and those of our team. The relentless drive for results is compromising our health. The workplace is evolving and we need to learn new skills to keep up. That’s why I set up Conscious Works.

I spent most of my HR career focused on helping leaders to achieve better performance, through the award winning leadership development programme I developed and through my work with Boards. It was the leaders who paid attention to how people felt, who invested time in people as individuals, and who encouraged collaboration and togetherness, who achieved the best results. It was this ability to create human connection and to stay aware of what was going on, that led them to building resilient and high performing teams. It was this ‘conscious’ approach to leadership that helped them to flourish.

As the world evolves at pace, it’s our ability to notice what is going on inside and around of us that will enable us to sustain results and to perform. It’s the only way we will achieve high performance and take care of wellbeing. Our own and the wellbeing of our teams. Through our work at Conscious Works and in my role as the Chair of the Engage for Success Wellbeing Thought and Action Group, my mission is to create a movement of people who can ‘inspire a well world of work’.