About Conscious Works

Our purpose is to inspire a well world of work.

Our values are authenticity, trust and freedom.

Our mission is to galvanise a global movement of people who work together to create great places to work

What We Believe

We believe that:

  • when you know yourself, you can take greater control of your wellbeing and performance
  • in order to thrive at work, you need to be connected to others

Our work focuses on helping you to learn more about yourself, what enables your mental fitness and how to work more effectively in the groups you operate in. 

We call it Conscious Intelligence.

Our Conscious Intelligence Model

Conscious Intelligence Diagram

Built on the real world experience of founder Natasha Wallace, who has spent her career in organisational development, culture change and leadership development, we bring a wealth of knowledge about what enables people to do their best work.  

We use an evidence based approach to coach and develop individuals and teams to raise their conscious awareness. 

By increasing people’s understanding of what leads to wellbeing, the behaviours that lead to healthy and thriving organisations, and through building individual self awareness, we enable you to build resilient and productive teams.


Why We Do It

We believe that leaders have a critical role to play in the mental health of their people. Yet for many, figuring out how to best build mental fitness is a new challenge.

There is growing evidence to show the link between wellbeing and productivity. That’s because when we feel well, both physical and mentally, we perform better. We know that many wellbeing interventions are not bringing the returns expected – that’s because they don’t focus on what matters most.

People need to feel included, to have the opportunity for growth, and to have clear direction to focus their efforts – the external conditions. They also need to have the resilience and self awareness to know where to place their own energy – the internal conditions. 

 When you get the external and internal conditions right – it leads to human flourishing.