We build resilience and relationships in teams. That’s what leads to greater organisational wellbeing. 

The world of work is changing. It’s fast, it’s complex and it’s challenging, and our opportunities are endless. Staying focused and mentally fit is tough.

We help you to know yourself better so that you can put your energy where it matters most. 

We believe in a better world of work

Employers have a responsibility to keep all of their stakeholders happy – including the people they employ. It’s no longer acceptable to make the bottom line the only focus. Creating healthy organisations goes beyond improving productivity, that’s a by-product. When we pay more attention to wellbeing, we thrive. Leaders who understand this achieve more and sustain performance.

We call it Conscious Leadership – a more responsible way to achieve good results. 

The pressures of modern life and a focus on profit and productivity have led to suppressed performance and disengaged employees.

We must avoid putting sticking plasters on the wellbeing of our people

When leaders become more consciously aware of their own and others needs, they create great cultures. No amount of healthcare benefits or awareness days will fix the problems created by ineffective leadership and heavy workloads.

It has never been so important for leaders to grow their emotional intelligence for the sake of people’s mental health. 


Employees who feel good and know how to manage their wellbeing are more engaged, productive, creative and collaborative. When we place wellbeing at the heart of how we operate, it leads to more human working environments.

To take better care of our wellbeing , we have to become more conscious. We have to get to know ourselves, our patterns of thinking, and our habits. Only through deepening our knowledge of ourselves and how we think and act, can we stay mentally fit in the modern world. 

We must pay attention to our emotional, social, physical, financial and digital wellbeing needs.

Partner – Professional Services

Just prepare yourself for the question that will floor you. It is Natasha’s ability to get under your skin that makes the difference. Natasha has a completely different approach and she’s so easy to talk to. Her disruptive approach was unsettling and uncomfortable at times, but it worked. I know I’m a better leader, and definitely a better person because of it. I use what I learnt daily! I wish I’d used Natasha years ago.

Director – Engineering Consultancy

Natasha opened my eyes to the importance of good leadership and how we can change, to have a positive impact on the people we lead every day.​ Natasha has a unique and never-ending supply of positive thinking. Her “yes you can” attitude and fully engaged work spirit hugely inspired me in both my professional and personal development.

Jonathan Walker - MD – Creative Communications Agency

I love working with Natasha. Our sessions always uncover different ways to think about challenges and patterns of behaviour. Inevitably, these sessions leave me feeling clearer in my thinking with a list of simple, positive actions to take that will create effective change. The combination of business know-how, scientific expertise and unorthodox world-view Natasha brings, creates a unique coaching dynamic. Natasha has no-nonsense approach that helps cut through the everyday bulls**t to keep things focused and grounded.

Siwan Rees - Head of Business Development – Cardiff and Vale College

I am very hard to please, yet I have had the most amazing experience today. I am overwhelmed by the session that I had. Forget skills development sessions of all styles you have ever experienced and check out Natasha Wallace. I am really looking forward to working with you going forward on leadership skills and various other challenges

Consultant – Self Employed

Thank you so much Natasha for an amazing workshop. It was enlightening, motivational and inspiring. I feel focused now on my goals and what I need to do to achieve them. I’m under no illusion that it’s going to take effort but I feel much better equipped to go for what I want and to overcome the things that are holding me back. I strongly advise anyone who wants to gain direction and control over any aspect of their life to work with Natasha. An amazing investment in myself that I’m glad I’ve made.